August 2011

So today we moved the mini horses from their dirt lot, where they were in with Petunia, the earless, hard of hearing and pretty much blind pig……
Nicole, the vet, and Olivia, the vet tech helped me lead them to them pasture. Really, it was more like dragging….Cisco actually fell down in protest.
So, tonight we were excited to feed them in their new area. They ate behind the barn, watched carefully by Susan. When I saw Culprit head around behind the barn, i said, “watch out, they may tromple you!” Susan said,”well, I don’t think I will get run over by mini horses!” Just then, the mini horses galloped toward her, chased by a biting Culprit, and Susan lept aside as she chunked her feed scoop at him! I am still laughing!


This morning we released our new rooster “Drew” from his dog crate. Drew is a Jersey Giant who hails from Grant Park in the ATL. He got to crowin’ and we got Drew from Christopher and Todd!
We are on our way to the Farmer’s MArket for the first time in weeks, looking forward to Farm Cart burritos and music…..
Gotta add that bee super today, and I hope is is as easy as they purport on You Tube, sans gloves and veil.
We are supposed to go get a blind goat that needs a home. Never a dull moment, especially with the 2 extra dogs, Chum and Zoey, while the kids are at Anne Bolling’s wedding!