Hey everybody! So, today is the first day of a real bloggy type blog, even though I had written a few in the past months. I’m doe egdited!
#1 – Susan is not in the hospital; that was written back in May…somehow it got dated today’s date in the in the blog changes.

#2 – Cisco, the boy mini horse/pintoloosa, IS in the UGA vet school hospital!  He was attacked the morning after he and his two half-sisters were caught and released into the pasture with 9 alpacas, 9 chickens, 1 goat, a sheep and 2 donkeys.  We woke up to a weird noise, and when I came out the door I could see Culprit shaking Cisco like a rag doll, biting his neck!  I raced into the pasture screaming and grabbed a broom to wallop him with, but he dropped Cisco as soon as I ran up.  Cisco never even fell down, but the vet came to check out his 2 bite wounds on either side of his neck. After he seemed to go downhill on Saturday, the UGA field vets came out, and at their recommendation, we loaded the lil’ rascal into the suburban and took him to the hospital!  He has been there almost 2 weeks, and will come home on Saturday!  Culprit and Rose now live in the upper pasture with the mean alpacas, Pancho and Lefty….

#3 – We have to sit out and watch for foxes in the wee morning hours and the dusky hours before sunset, as 2 beloved feathered friends were killed by the little critter…..One was Drew the rooster, and we are so sad at his loss……he was a big fellow, in heart and stature!  So we sit out and drink coffee or wine, or both, and watch for the suspect.  I have spied him three times, and his/her name is “Brazen”, for obvious reasons!  I do keep a pistol at the ready, and when my mom was on watch duty with me, I told her if she saw the fox, to throw the pistol at it!  Because the gun is not loaded, that would be dangerous….

#4 – We have a new dog named Begonia that was found in our driveway by Steve Hinton at midnight on July 15 or so.  She looks like a boxer with a long tail and we love her, and we are glad the vet went against my wishes and did NOT crop the dog’s tail…

#5 – The vet, Nicole Ferguson, is coming out tomorrow to help try to get Rose’s halter off.  It is tighter than Dick’s hatband!

#6 – Petunia, the earless, sight impaired, hard of hearing, and somewhat ornery pig is doing great, and has moved into Stampy and Gertrude’s old quarters.  We are thinking of making “Petunia, the Rock Musical” about a deaf and blind pig.  Since she can oink, we do not feel that it would encroach in any way on “Tommy”.

#7 – Sasha, Ferny holding their own. Rufus is on patrol 24/7, when he is not killing chickens.  Banjo is as stubborn as a mule, Maggie is awesome and Lil’ Bit and Olive kind of run the show.

#8 – Susan has become the donkey/mini-horse/pig whisperer. “nuff said!

That gets us a bit up to snuff!

Let the festival begin!