Well, Howdy folks and what’ll it be?

I have had a productive afternoon/evening at the farm, where upon returning I discovered that the vet had gotten Rose’s halter off.  It was amazing, and Rose is working her jaw like crazy – I think she was hindered greatly by the antique leather straps!  Also, no fox sightings!

Actually, I had written this post before, so if you see this info twice, you will know I am still in the learning stages of blogdom….

The dogs are out going berserk at some critter – either a deer, skunk or fox, all of which I have seen or smelled before!

My big chore tonight was taking out the trash.  Susan told me she had mad a “little” mistake by bringing in a coffee can full of eggs the other day that she had spied on a fence post.  I had not wanted to use said eggs because I had applied mite powder to the chickens and you cannot eat their eggs for 2 weeks after the mite powder application…Unfortunately, I had not relayed this info to Susan, and when she saw the eggs she thought, eggs!  When she viewed (and smelled) them a little more carefully she realized they were “compromised”.  Then Begonia decided she loved the taste of rotten eggs….this was not good….I wondered why she (Begonia) smelled funny when I got home!  Susan warned me about opening the old timey metal trash can where she had deposited the culprit (no relation to the donkey) smelly eggs…!  So tonight I toted the trash can out to the “new” work truck and drove it to the road.  Yay, tomorrow will be a new day, sans rotten eggs in the garbage!

PTL, and pass the ammunition, although, due to my qualms, it will not be placed in my gun.