We got Cisco back yesterday (well, by now on Saturday)!    We picked him up from UGA at 9:30 in the morning.  We also got to meet a donor cow named Norman and his companion goat, whose name I have forgotten… The vet school is AWESOME, and they clearly saved Cisco’s life.  We met with his doctor, Axel, who showed us how to treat the wound and give him his antibiotics every 12 hours.  Then, the vet school folks loaded Cisco into the suburban and away we went!  We had a slight detour, as it was game day against South Carolina (wah! we lost)….I tried to tell the cop that there was a horse in my car…..She just pointed to the left.  At least I wasn’t drinking! (Right Anne?)  Finally we got to the farm and opened the back hatch.  It became painfully obvious in 2 seconds that Susan and I were not going to pick up this little horsey and set him on tierra firma….So, we had to MacGyver it!  I got some plywood and 2 x 4’s, and nailed them into a ramp while Susan held Cisco in the Suburban.  Then we folded the rubber backed carpet from the ‘burb and put up the ramp!  Susan sweet talked the lil’ feller down the ramp and before we knew it (one hour later) he was in the pasture!   With Culprit glaring from above!  Oh, Lordy, it is a miracle that he made it home.

Cisco leaves the vet school