Howdy folks and what’ll it be?  We have been having us a time here at Sweet Olive!  Since my last post in October, we have 2 new goats, Tarnation and Grandpap from animal control, and a white alpaca baby named Blossom who was born to Fairy Dust in November.   We also now have a pig named Eva, whose parents had to go live in Norway for a while…  We just acquired another dwarf pygmy goat named Tumbleweed, also from Fulton County Animal control, where we have been the lucky recipients of 1 sheep, 4 goats, 5 chickens and a pig!  We are working on our non-profit rescue status, which will allow us to fund-raise to help feed all these critters!  There are 3 Toulouse Geese as well, 2 rescued from someone’s Christmas dinner table and one who was being ornery to a nice lady in Jefferson after his mate got killed on an electric fence.  They are characters!

My farm hands showed up this past weekend to help us get our huge garden prepped.  My farm hands are my nephews, Robby, James and Tommy.  They are really good workers and they spread about 50 wheelbarrows of manure on the plot that was disced up by our neighbor Ande’s brother, Tim.  Then they covered the whole top garden area with black plastic, to kill out any weeds or seeds or other stuff that may interfere with our bounty.  of course, it rained and drizzled on the poor boys the whole time, but they got it done and we had a great meal around the kitchen table afterward.  We will re-dic the garden when we return from Costa Rica on March 24.  We plan to buy Tim’s tractor and disc harrow, bush hog, 2 plows and a draggy thing for driveways, along with this really big trailer!  So, now you know who to call for all you tractor needs!

Our beloved watchdog, Rufus, passed away peacefully at the end of January.  He had suffered years ago from lymphoma, which we assume had returned. He was a great dog and we miss him so.  Also, Banjo has gone to live with Susan’s dad in Albany for a while, since he beat up Lil’ Bit. Naomi the black hen passed away yesterday of unknown causes.  She was our 3rd chicken that we got out in Lexington while Brian form Ft. Lauderdale was visiting.   She had a lovely head of feathers.  Big Crowy got his eye pecked out while we were in New York last month, and now has to be sequestered from Lil’ Crowy and Bushel, the newest lil’ rooster.

The grass is growing, hopefully the bees will soon be buzzing and we are about to place our seed order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  The ponies are racing around the pasture and the goats and sheep are actually gambolling!  Dot, our teeny black Surama hen is setting, and her chicks should hatch on Tommy’s 16th birthday.  We now have 17 acres to wander around on, so come see us!