Howdy sportsfans!

So here is what I have not done since February……I have not planted one seed from the seed delivery I got from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. This is mainly because I have not properly fenced out the deer that hang out in the garden area.  I have not re-done the flower beds either……a typical landscaper/shoemaker issue.  I haven’t put in a pool; dern.  I have not made a new pasture, because that would involve fencing, and luckily my crew is pretty in the ATL working for people who (sometimes) pay us.  We have not had any baby goats – Gertrude had an ultrasound and she had an hysterical pregnancy!Image

ps – by I, I mean We…..

We have travelled a bit – Costa Rica in March, and Albany, GA and Little Rock, AR in May.  

We had our first shearing day on May 1, and successfully got all 11 alpacas sheared with the help of the UGA Small Ruminants Club, Isabella and Joseph Strong and Nancy Miller.  There was not one spitting episode, which made me pretty proud.

We have rescued 3 new dogs, two of whom are living here now.  Their names are Redbud and Muscadine.ImageRedbud is happy!  The other dog is a pit bull who is still at the vet…..

We got an Olde English Fighting Cock from animal control in Fulton County.  His antics are becoming legendary….

We (David) are (is)Image painting  and stripping the kitchen

So, dear folkses, that is the news from the lil’ ol’ front!