Well, Howdy folks and what’ll it be?

I have had a productive afternoon/evening at the farm, where upon returning I discovered that the vet had gotten Rose’s halter off.  It was amazing, and Rose is working her jaw like crazy – I think she was hindered greatly by the antique leather straps!  Also, no fox sightings!

Actually, I had written this post before, so if you see this info twice, you will know I am still in the learning stages of blogdom….

The dogs are out going berserk at some critter – either a deer, skunk or fox, all of which I have seen or smelled before!

My big chore tonight was taking out the trash.  Susan told me she had mad a “little” mistake by bringing in a coffee can full of eggs the other day that she had spied on a fence post.  I had not wanted to use said eggs because I had applied mite powder to the chickens and you cannot eat their eggs for 2 weeks after the mite powder application…Unfortunately, I had not relayed this info to Susan, and when she saw the eggs she thought, eggs!  When she viewed (and smelled) them a little more carefully she realized they were “compromised”.  Then Begonia decided she loved the taste of rotten eggs….this was not good….I wondered why she (Begonia) smelled funny when I got home!  Susan warned me about opening the old timey metal trash can where she had deposited the culprit (no relation to the donkey) smelly eggs…!  So tonight I toted the trash can out to the “new” work truck and drove it to the road.  Yay, tomorrow will be a new day, sans rotten eggs in the garbage!

PTL, and pass the ammunition, although, due to my qualms, it will not be placed in my gun.


Hey everybody! So, today is the first day of a real bloggy type blog, even though I had written a few in the past months. I’m doe egdited!
#1 – Susan is not in the hospital; that was written back in May…somehow it got dated today’s date in the in the blog changes.

#2 – Cisco, the boy mini horse/pintoloosa, IS in the UGA vet school hospital!  He was attacked the morning after he and his two half-sisters were caught and released into the pasture with 9 alpacas, 9 chickens, 1 goat, a sheep and 2 donkeys.  We woke up to a weird noise, and when I came out the door I could see Culprit shaking Cisco like a rag doll, biting his neck!  I raced into the pasture screaming and grabbed a broom to wallop him with, but he dropped Cisco as soon as I ran up.  Cisco never even fell down, but the vet came to check out his 2 bite wounds on either side of his neck. After he seemed to go downhill on Saturday, the UGA field vets came out, and at their recommendation, we loaded the lil’ rascal into the suburban and took him to the hospital!  He has been there almost 2 weeks, and will come home on Saturday!  Culprit and Rose now live in the upper pasture with the mean alpacas, Pancho and Lefty….

#3 – We have to sit out and watch for foxes in the wee morning hours and the dusky hours before sunset, as 2 beloved feathered friends were killed by the little critter…..One was Drew the rooster, and we are so sad at his loss……he was a big fellow, in heart and stature!  So we sit out and drink coffee or wine, or both, and watch for the suspect.  I have spied him three times, and his/her name is “Brazen”, for obvious reasons!  I do keep a pistol at the ready, and when my mom was on watch duty with me, I told her if she saw the fox, to throw the pistol at it!  Because the gun is not loaded, that would be dangerous….

#4 – We have a new dog named Begonia that was found in our driveway by Steve Hinton at midnight on July 15 or so.  She looks like a boxer with a long tail and we love her, and we are glad the vet went against my wishes and did NOT crop the dog’s tail…

#5 – The vet, Nicole Ferguson, is coming out tomorrow to help try to get Rose’s halter off.  It is tighter than Dick’s hatband!

#6 – Petunia, the earless, sight impaired, hard of hearing, and somewhat ornery pig is doing great, and has moved into Stampy and Gertrude’s old quarters.  We are thinking of making “Petunia, the Rock Musical” about a deaf and blind pig.  Since she can oink, we do not feel that it would encroach in any way on “Tommy”.

#7 – Sasha, Ferny holding their own. Rufus is on patrol 24/7, when he is not killing chickens.  Banjo is as stubborn as a mule, Maggie is awesome and Lil’ Bit and Olive kind of run the show.

#8 – Susan has become the donkey/mini-horse/pig whisperer. “nuff said!

That gets us a bit up to snuff!

Let the festival begin!

So, this little farm is my dream. Not Susan’s dream, but my dream.  She wants to travel, own homes in Australia and France, and be a cosmopolitan sort.  I am totally happy to be here on the farm every night feeding the animals, separating Crowy from whatever hen he is ravaging, giving Sasha her insulin, and then having a drink and a read.  We live separate lives from Monday thru Thursday, but then on Friday, it is a farm free for all!  Farmer’s market in Athens on Saturday morning, with incredible music and a great breakfast and veggies.  Chores that are put off all week, unless we have company.  So, today when she was feeling poorly, there was some need for concern.  Then when she checked into the emergency hospital at Emory, the concern grew.  She/we spent all day there, and she has been admitted.  She should be fine, but this is a lesson that when you tell your doctor that you are in severe pain, maybe they should feel your tummy…..

So, I had to come back to the farm at 9 to give the dog a shot, and feed and put up everyone except the poor-visioned alpacas.

I miss Susan.

She always comes with me to do chores when she is here.  She drags a hose better than anyone.  She soothes the savage Culprit, and the alpacas adore her.  So arriving in pitch black dark on Friday night, the start of a farm weekend, without my person, stinks.  I miss Susan.  I will arise early and go to Atlanta to check on her progress.  Hopefully, she won’t have to have surgery tomorrow…hopefully we will be back up here in a few days, and she can bring her peaceful calm demeanor to my frantic one.  We can sit on the porch and read, or write, or talk.  All the things you realize you will miss if that person is not there…..

So today we moved the mini horses from their dirt lot, where they were in with Petunia, the earless, hard of hearing and pretty much blind pig……
Nicole, the vet, and Olivia, the vet tech helped me lead them to them pasture. Really, it was more like dragging….Cisco actually fell down in protest.
So, tonight we were excited to feed them in their new area. They ate behind the barn, watched carefully by Susan. When I saw Culprit head around behind the barn, i said, “watch out, they may tromple you!” Susan said,”well, I don’t think I will get run over by mini horses!” Just then, the mini horses galloped toward her, chased by a biting Culprit, and Susan lept aside as she chunked her feed scoop at him! I am still laughing!

This morning we released our new rooster “Drew” from his dog crate. Drew is a Jersey Giant who hails from Grant Park in the ATL. He got to crowin’ and we got Drew from Christopher and Todd!
We are on our way to the Farmer’s MArket for the first time in weeks, looking forward to Farm Cart burritos and music…..
Gotta add that bee super today, and I hope is is as easy as they purport on You Tube, sans gloves and veil.
We are supposed to go get a blind goat that needs a home. Never a dull moment, especially with the 2 extra dogs, Chum and Zoey, while the kids are at Anne Bolling’s wedding!

Ok, here it is!  This blog post is in honor of our pet chicken “Gabby”. so named after Gabrielle Giffords.  Gabby passed away last night of (hopefully) natural causes…We found Gabby the chicken on the side of the road in January, the same day Congresswoman Giffords was shot.  Gabby has been a source of inspiration for us, and a lesson on why not to eat factory farm chickens.  Gabby had a hard time walking, as she was huge from steroids evidently.She ate constantly, even at night when the other chickens were asleep.  Her favorite hideout was a travel carrier….She squawked a lot, panted and waddled like no other.  She will be missed!